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Welcome to Eurotandem

This is the re-hosted blog created originally on MySpace for our 2008-9 attempt on the Eurovelo 7 – the long-distance cycle route from Nordkapp, Norway, to Malta. Now MySpace has offloaded all its blogs to wordpress.com, so here’s an opportunity to bring you up to speed if you’ve never visited the site before. In which case  where have you been?

We covered 7,850km through Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Malta. We were forced to break the journey at Innsbruck in November 2008 as winter closed in around us; but we were back in April 2009 to tackle the Italian leg.

The blog begins in March 2008, we arrived at Nordkapp in late July ’08 and finished in Malta in June ’09. I hope this helps you navigate your way through the archive.

We raised over £2,500 for two charities: sos children’s villages and the Huntington’s Disease Association.

If you’re planning your own assault on Eurovelo 7, we hope this account is helpful.


8 Responses to About

  1. vicki says:

    I’d love you to publish something on Italy. I want to do the Italian portion this fall but I can’ find the first thing on the actual route taken.

    Can you give me any tips on where I might go to find out?

    • neilandko says:

      Hi vicki, nice to hear from you. I’m about to start work on writing about the Italian leg. Information was indeed a bit scant – the details on the Eurovelo website are still about the best out there (at http://www.ecf.com/86_1). There are fantastic new cycle paths from Brenner to Trento. Beyond that, most of the warnings and problems listed in the detailed breakdown in that document still applied when we were there. We didn’t worry too much about sticking to the detail. Basically, once you get past Rome you either have to ride in the mountains (beautiful but tiring) or down the coast (easy but busy and sometimes terrifying!) The Cilento coast was great. The Naples cobbles trash your bike.

  2. Team Tandem. Well done to you two. Just about to go down to Portugal to ride back across Europe- up Sweden and down Finland. Then around the Baltic states. Is it worth getting excited about any Euro Velo routes? are they a help in planning or day to day route finding? I have a thought that they may not be ready yet. This is year 2 on the road – did 10,000 miles in year 1 and rather addicted now.
    Is there any better way to spend your life?

    • neilandko says:

      Sounds like you’re doing very well without Euro Velo routes! They generally follow locally-marked cycle routes anyway – for example we followed Sverigeladen in Sweden, Copenhagen-Berlin, Elbe Radweg etc. We only ever saw one signpost for Eurovelo 7 itself, in Northern Italy. You may have been following some of them without even noticing!

  3. Team Tandem – So I have now read your wonderful book. But straight away I am questioning our route choice for our ride through Europe. We planned to go up through Sweden in the reverse direction. With the whole world to aim the bike at, I am no longer sure that would be such fun. Hand on heart now – what do you think. Should we just cut across Sweden and Finland and get into the nice stuff that is Estonia and the Baltic States? Poland looks great as well – oh the choices!.

    • neilandko says:

      Well, now. I can’t speak for the Baltic states because we haven’t ridden there – it was an option we considered. There is a LOT of Sweden; if you are on a timetable, you might prefer the variety offered by riding through several countries rather than one. Often in Sweden we wished we were somewhere with a bit less distance between happenings; but in our memories it’s the country we remember with most fondness. I wonder why?

  4. We rode across “The Great Northern Plains”. Arrow straight roads to a far horizon. It is of course what we talk of most now. I think we will scale back plans for Sweden.

  5. neilandko says:

    Well, you can just as good an idea by going West-East as North-South. A ferry across the Baltic to Finland might be good…

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