Progress update: “No Room at the Moustache and Mullet”

“No Room at the Moustache and Mullet”, in case you had forgotten, is the title of the sequel to Kök & Tvätt – Through Scandinavia on a Tandem and preparation for publication is coming to a slow but definite conclusion. Yes, I know I’ve been saying this for a year now but really, it is. Look! Here’s Kathryn’s “cover” art for the Kindle edition. Most publishers still think of Kindle editions as electronic versions of the paperback and they stick with the same cover. We think -why clutter it up with the title and author? You get all that info from the Amazon website. All you want is a little pic to cheer everyone up! The setting is a pub, in deepest Czech Republic, as the autumn evening is drawing in and we have nowhere to stay:

“When we opened the door, the handful of locals looked up and gave us the sullen stare. I knew as I looked at their Czech-style haircuts and face fungus what the name of the pub must be. We were in The Moustache and Mullet.”

Cover design for "No Room at the Moustache and Mullet": Kathryn Gander

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