Rave reviews part 99

A big shout out (as I believe the young people say today) to Dave Barter, who gave Kök & Tvätt another 5-star review at Amazon.co.uk. Here’s what he said…

“This book sustained me during a three week period away from my family and long lonely nights. Like a good whiskey I would treat myself to a little “nip” each evening. The writing is clear and most importantly properly witty. I laughed out loud many times as the humour sneaks up on you and then gives you a quick kick up the backside. Cyclists and non-cyclists alike will enjoy this very accessible read. Highly recommended.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself, Dave; though unlike a good whiskey, K&T only costs £1.14 (today’s exchange rate) at Amazon.

Dave also muses and meanders on matters cyclical. His bloggy websitey thing is well worth a browse: here

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