Kök & Tvätt – the sequel. A milestone is reached

…or perhaps that should be a kilometre stone, in keeping with the thoroughly metric conventions of the Scandinavians and the book. Aaaaanyway, what I wanted to say is that the first draft of part one of book two is now completed. What does that mean? It means I’ve written lots of rubbish about the journey between Rostock and Innsbruck, where we bailed out for the winter.

So what happens now? I think I’ll put that to one side, do the same thing for Part 2 (Italy) and then look again at Part 1. By then I’ll have forgotten what I wrote and if it makes me laugh/cringe it stays in/goes out. Yup folks, that’s how it works.

Still thinking about what to call book 2. I might revert to the original working title of K&T, which was “The Smelliness of the Long-Distance Towel.”On the other hand, we did encounter a menu which offered the very enticing possibility of a “Pizza Fanny”…..

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One Response to Kök & Tvätt – the sequel. A milestone is reached

  1. Alan says:

    Don’t hang around too long – we need a good laugh.
    Best Wishes
    Alan & Mary

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