Somebody else is having a go…

Mary and Alan, clearly not willing to learn from other people’s mistakes, are taking on the formidable Eurovelo 7 this May. Good luck, guys! Mary broke her wrist in training but hey, things can only get better. Remember – a plaster cast is great for hammering those Nordic mozzies. Follow their progress here and don’t forget to sponsor them.

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2 Responses to Somebody else is having a go…

  1. Alan & Mary says:

    K&T – What a fantastic book. The only book to make you laugh out loud while the surgeon pops down to Castorama (B&Q) for a drill bit for the Black and Decker.
    You’re an inspiration
    From a Sunderland lad (now training in a mosquito net) and his gutsy missus

    • neilandko says:

      Well, thanks folks. I’ve been trying to post on your blog to wish you luck but I must be doing something wrong. Take it as read. Any more info you need, you know where to find us.

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