First Amazon Review for K&T

Kök and Tvätt has earned its first review on Amazon and it’s a 4*! Thanks to Jankinjok for writing the following. Meanwhile, K&T rides high in the bestsellers, sitting comfortably in the Top 10 books on Denmark and now in the top 100 Kindle travel books. Keep it up, folks!

See the following review on Amazon

They missed seeing the largest sundial!, 3 Jan 2011

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Although I have little interest in Scandinavia as a holiday destination and have never ridden a tandem – just a trail bike and that not well – I was drawn by the description of the book and it doesn’t disappoint. It provided me with a bit of an escape from our awful winter.
Although the Ganders journey took place in late summer and early autumn, they experienced the Scandinavian equivalent of a typical British summer, i.e. wet and cold but with the addition of mosquitoes who feasted on them at every opportunity, so they also get my empathy vote – Scottish midges, I’ll say no more!
I wont go into any detail as the description nicely captures the flavour of the book. It is well written and the author has a lovely dry sense of humour and I’m sure that anyone who encountered the Ganders on their journey would have enjoyed the experience. Being together twenty four hours a day for weeks on end would have tested the best of relationships but they obviously know each others foibles very well and handled the occasional ‘incident’ with wit and humour.
I look forward to the next volume of their journey and would have awarded this book five stars if photos had been included, particularly of the giant mitten and the ever present and ever moved brushes. You’ll have to read the book to find out what I mean!”

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