Up Pompei!

We’ve come roaring through Naples like it ain’t no thang – an exhilarating experience. It took us a day or two to work out the rules of the road in these parts but now we know there is only one: if you believe you have Right of Way, you haven’t. Every fourth car looks like it’s been involved in some frightful shunt. There must be lots more too dunched to drive! The region swings wildly from astoundingly lovely to unspeakably awful. Tragically there is a terrible litter problem. It began just north of Rome and has grown to surreal proportions, with rubbish piled up to head height in the lay-byes (no exaggeration) and many beautiful beaches despoiled. We can’t understand how such nice people can treat their surroundings like this. On Saturday, by a mixture of chance and design, our route coincided with that of the Giro d’Italia cycle race. We spent a couple of hours at Mondragone, waiting for the race to come through. It seemed as though the whole town came out to see it, though it came and went in a flash. The heatwave has ended and I am sitting in the tent listening to the rain pattering down. At least it made for a more comfortable day to visit Pompei, which gets a Eurotandem five-star recommendation – and we don’t give those out lightly!

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One Response to Up Pompei!

  1. Mat says:

    Enjoy 🙂 Wish I was there!

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