Rambling and Roman

You join us at Lido di Castel Fusano, the Tynemouth of Rome. Actually it’s much better than some of the dreadful resorts we’ve passed through on our way here and has easy public transport to the Capital. All is well and the sun is still shining – a bit too brightly perhaps as temps soar into the 30’s daily. We spend all day fantasising about cold drinks. Even the Italians think the weather is unusual – we’ve already seen an item on the news about the heatwave. We lingered quite a long time in Tuscany where the hills were big and the landscape and towns too lovely to rush. Now we are at the coast we are making faster progress and a breeze from the sea helps moderate the heat. We slept at a convent in Grosseto the other night – Nuns made our breakfast. We also went to the Tommasini bike shop where the lovely lady owner was so impressed with our trip she gave us some cycling caps and showed us their frame factory full of droolsome bikes www.tommasini.it Rome is our last big city stop so we hope to make good progress south when we move on in a day or three. Please email us with your news! Love from Neil and Kathryn.

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3 Responses to Rambling and Roman

  1. smudger says:

    Hello! Well done, it sounds like you\’re having a hoot! And happy wedding anniversary and all that jazz. Keep on pedaling…

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