It Aint half hot, mum!

Hello again everyone and apologies for a long time in updating but time and internet access have both been at a premium.
First, can I ask anyone interested in keeping up with the blog to check in once a week or so, rather than wait for the email update? This has been a bit of a bore to do and is virtually impossible if we update the blog via mobile phone. Ta…
So, where are we?  At San Gimignano, in Tuscany, that’s where. We rode here today from Florence and a thermometer we saw along the way said it was 36 degrees C in the shade. I can believe it.  Right through the Appennines we have made slow progress as the hot sun and the long, hard climbs have conspired against us. But we took it steady, riding three 50km days and one 75km and taking 3 days off this week. The first we spent on a sweet little campsite in the hills north of Florence, where we did as little as possible and the nice Polish owner ran us to the shops in his car. The only shops were in a town high on a hill from which we had ridden down the day before – we weren’t riding back up there! 
Another day we stopped at the gate of a big house to ask a lady for some directions and went away with a home-made salami which she insisted on giving us. We like the Italians.
Thursday and Friday we spent in Florence, doing the usual thing in cities. Perhaps we were tired, but neither of us liked Florence as much as some of the other cities we have seen.  It’s actually quite a gloomy place, with narrow streets closed in by tall buildings which have heavily iron-barred windows and big studded doors. It has the air of an old prison. It looks great from the hills around, though.
Now we are in Chianti country and have certain obligations to fulfill in that respect.
Tatta for now!
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7 Responses to It Aint half hot, mum!

  1. Ashley says:

    The easiest way to keep up to date without waiting for an email is to use Google Reader an subscribe to the RSS feed. Neil has put a link to it on the left. You\’ll then see all of the posts as they are posted. Ash.Was the Hanibal Lecter reference deliberate?

  2. luca says:

    Hello Kathryn, hello Neil!I\’m Luca, the son of the that lady gave you the salami.We\’re so happy to read news about your travel, you\’re great!Cheers from Bologna

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