What? Didn’t we learn our lesson?

Welcome back blog watchers! Note the new title for the page, subtly reflecting the revised schedule for our adventure.
Yes, we are back in Innsbruck, memories of bruised derrieres fading and once more filled with optimism and a spirit of adventure.  The bike has been serviced and we are already back in action. We had unfinished business to attend to in Jembach, where, you may recall, we bailed out in November due to Neil’s stomach bug and caught the train to Innsbruck. On Thursday we put the bike on the train to Jembach and rode back to the city. We are glad we did, as it turned out to be the most spectacular leg of the trip so far. Today we took the bull by the horns and rode up to the Brenner Pass. This long-dreaded challenge turned out to be a bit of a doddle actually, as the 1000m climb is spread out over 36km. Anyway, this means that when we set off for real we can put the laden bike on the train to Brenner, thereby cunningly avoiding having to pedal all our luggage up to the pass. 200km of downhill riding awaits us on the Italian side of the border.
Unfortunately, after a week of lovely spring weather here in Innsbruck, the forecast is for rain, rain and more rain over Italy. We may delay our departure until Wednesday. We had enough wet weather last year!
Stay tuned and don’t forget to visit our sponsorship pages!
Love from Neil and Kathryn.
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