Eurotandem gallery – the latest pics!

Hello again  Tandem watchers!  It’s pouring with rain in Innsbruck today so what better opportunity to show you some more pictures from the trip?  You can see photos from Germany and the Czech Republic here:
…and pictures from Austria and Germany here:

Meanwhile our charity fundraising has topped a thousand pounds!   Thanks to everyone who’s donated.  It’s still only 20p a kilometre though so anyone who’d like to boost the total – klick the links at the top of the page!
For the record, our final running total on the Cateye computer was 5,343km – only 150km short of our original estimate for the whole distance to Malta!  So we rode about as far as we’d planned – we just didn’t get to where we were going. The good news is that we actually covered the distance about two weeks ahead of schedule – a combination of shorter days but fewer rest days.  For instance we rode all the way from Prague to Passau without a day off, and from Prague to Innsbruck we rode 13 days out of 14.
The Green Machine went in for a service and ended up having to have the entire drive train rebuilt.  At least the load is lighter now – because of our empty pockets!  The bike will be spending the winter in Nicki and Paul’s garage.
Problems getting connecting flights from Heathrow mean we won’t be coming home until Wednesday (26th November) so we hope to see as many of you as possible as soon as possible.

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