It seems a while since our last update, but here we are at last, not actually at the coast yet, but based in a town called Boras, an hour’s train ride away from Gothenburg.  We will be cutting the corner off and heading down the coast on Wednesday, but in the meantime are having a few days off to visit the city and have a rest.  We’ve spend the last 9 days without a break, cycling down from the middle of Sweden through some really lovely countryside…3 National Parks and lots of other lovely spots, so some of our days have been shorter, to give us time to see things.  The weather turned really cold after we left Falun, this coincided with a stretch when accomodation became a bit of an issue.  Our first night was on a campsite, where some local caravanners took pity on us and shared some of their meal with us, before a chilly night in the tent.  The next evening we were lucky again, and met some lovely peole who were staying on a free campsite by a lake.  They invited us into their cosy caravan where we had a lovely meal and some very convivial conversation – a special hello to Stefan, Eva, Kikke and Per. Stefan even offered to give us a lift to our next stop… but of course that would have been cheating!  We had another unusual night a few days later, when the prohibitive price of accomodation led to a smokey night in a laavu (a kind of Sami wooden tent), where we made a fire again.  By the time we reached Askersund we were reeking of a delicate mix of sweat and woodsmoke, but the B&B lady politely told us she had had worse smells in her rooms from the guests!
We did our first night ride a few days ago when a visit to the doc for advice on Neils’s sore toe delayed us.  We arrived at our hostel at about 9.00pm-but what a place – the owner, Jonas, has a wonderful eco-hostel which he has built himself, and we had the place to ourselves.
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