gothenburg 2

Jonas also rescued Neil from sore toe hell by providing a pair of flat pedals so he could ride in his sandals.  It felt a bit weird but has helped the recovery process.  We’re now having our first ‘long’ break (4 nights) to allow bruised and blistered toes and fingers to recover and to get the bike fixed (new bottom bracket).  We took the train to Gothenborg on Sunday.  What a fine city – many lovely buildings and a large and fascinating harbour area.  In the afternoon we met our friends Patrik and Caroline who took us out in their motorboat to the archipelago.  We sped across the waves in bright sunshine to a tiny rock in the sea where we had a lovely picnic, then they brought us home and fed us at their flat.  Thanks guys!  It made the visit very special.  We’re planning another day in Gothenborg tomorrow.
We’ve also made the decision to send the tent back to blighty – it’s just getting too cold at night. You know it’s time to surrender when you’d rather ride 50km to the next hostel than spend another night with freezing feet.  This will of course be the cue for some unseasonal hot weather.
We are developing a serious cinnamon bun (Kanelbulle) habit.  Every day we have to feed our addiction.  But it makes no difference. Kathryn’s bum has vanished and Neil has got so thin he risks slipping down inside the bike frame.
We take to the road again on Wednesday and expect to pass 3,000km that day.  We’re beginning to suspect our estimated 5,500 total may be a little on the low side.
Missing you all.  Until next time – hej!
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