one down…

Well we’ve made it to Kautokeino, capital of Sami Lappland, and tomorrow we head over the border into Finnland.  Progress has been steady so far, although we did have a rather slow stretch the day before yesterday when we decided to follow the off road route.  A rough track took us up over the Finnmark plateau through some wild and lonely landscape and the terrain was pretty tough on the poor old Green Machine.  On an early climb we broke a chain and in the process of fixing it Neil turned into a lunchtime feast for the mozzies. Later on we reached a bridge which needed a Trailblazers working party to sort it out. After 26 km and 3 hours of riding and pushing we gave up and joined the tarmac again. Neil thought he would never see the day when he didn’t choose the rough stuff.  however, it was worth it to see the scenery and we met an old Sami boy out looking for his reindeer on his quad bike, and had a conversation in sign language with him!
Last night we ate a hearty bowl of reindeer stew at our Sami campsite- simple fare but with the two bottles of beer thrown in we can’t afford to eat for a week now.
sorry folks, still no photos
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