Let Battle Commence!

Hi All!
At 6pm last night, Norwegian time, we rolled up to Nordkapp at 71 degrees 21 minutes 10 seconds North, after an exhilarating ride over the mountains from Honningsvåg.  This isn’t really Europe’s most northerly point but it suits the tourist authorities to say it is and they charge a princely 20 quid admission to the visitor centre,  Free access for people on tandems though!  We hoped to see the midnight sun which would have been visible for the last time this summer. Sadly we mostly saw the insides of clouds as thick mist rolled in and out.  But we got a view, a cup of coffee and a cake – and Kathryn bought some warm gloves in the visitor centre shop (Nordkapp logo included).  It really is perishing cold here and we spent a chilly night on a tiny campsite a few km from the Cape – billed as the world’s most northerly.  Reindeer grazed around the tents and cabins in the small hours and we could hear cries of seabirds (Kathryn says puffins).  Today we have ridden back to Honningsvåg but as the weather worsens we are making an executive decision to hole up in a local hotel and press on tomorrow.  There might be some rescheduling this week!
Sorry no photo access at the mo – we’ll try to post some later.  But imagine somewhere like the North Pennines in March crossed with North Wales any time.
Tarra for now!
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