How Many More Miles Is it?

Thanks to the marvels of Google Maps we’ve been able to put together a pretty good estimate of the distances involved.  It’s not entirely spot-on, partly because some of the route is a bit woolly (on the Italian leg in particular); also because Google Maps only includes roads at the moment and not cycle tracks.  Near enough for jazz, though.

The first thing we noticed was that some pretty wild estimates had been made in one or two places about the length of Eurovelo Route 7.  It had been described as about 7,000km but we think you can knock off 1,400km unless you include the sea crossings which is cheating and anyway it still wouldn’t be that far.  But for anyone who’s interested here’s a little distance tally:

Nordkapp – Alta (Norway): 237Km
Alta – Luleo (Sweden) 600km
Luleo – Sundsvall 532km
Sunsdvall – Gothenberg 723km
Gothenberg – Helsingborg 213km
Helsingborg – Gedser (Denmark) 201km
(sea crossing to Rostock)  
Rostock – Berlin (Germany) 247km
Berlin – Dresden 198km
Dresden – Prague (Czech Republic) 143km
Prague – Ceske Bud 148km
Ceske B – Salzburg (Austria) 219km
Salzburg – Innsbruck 227km
Innsbruck – Verona (Italy) 271km
Verona – Pisa 277km
Pisa – Rome 350km
Rome – Naples 228km
Naples – Castrovillari 292km
Castrovillari – Messina (Sicily) 263km
Messina – Pozallo 234km
(sea crossing to Malta and the finish!)  

Every time I add the list up I get a different number.  This ride could be anything between 5,000 and 14,500 km but let’s assume the total is right. At a rough calculation, allowing for 80km riding per day this should take 70 days in the saddle. With a day off every 4 days this gives us 15 rest days, plus we’re factoring in about 40 days for sight-seeing stops, eg: Gothenberg,  Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Rome, a week visiting Neil’s sister in Innsbruck – it soon mounts up.  That makes 125 days or 4 months and a bit. Phew!

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