A Quick Look at the Calendar

Lots of people have been asking when we’re setting off (quite a few have asked us how we got on already!) so let’s end the confusion with a look at our schedule, such as it is.

We leave Lanchester the day after Kathryn’s school term ends, on July 24th heading for North Shields and the 1500 DFDS departure for Bergen, Norway.  As an aside, DFDS announced this week they are pulling the plug on the Newcastle-Norway service.  More about that here.

The crossing takes 26 hours, including a stop in Stavanger, and we arrive in Bergen at 1800 local time on Friday 25th July.  We’re staying just one night in Bergen (time is of the essence) with a lady called Mary Kristoffersen who lives in a  house like this:

We’ll have Saturday to do a little sight-seeing before we catch the 2000hrs sailing on the MS Trollfjord , bound for the Nordkapp.  It’s a five day voyage with lots to see on the way and we will be inside the Arctic Circle just in time to see the midnight sun (always assuming it isn’t raining).

We dock in Honningsvag, the nearest port for North Cape, at 1145hrs on Thursday July 31st. From here it’s about 30 hilly kms to the Cape itself so if the weather is on our side we anticipate riding up to Nordkapp in the afternoon or evening.  We believe we’ll be just one day too late to see the midnight sun from Nordkapp but at least we’ll see the first sunset of the summer!  That done, we point the Green Machine South…

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