Sponsorship Update

Jack has contributed to generously to expedition funds and promised us a substantial donation if we make it as far as Germany plus another equivalent amount when we get to Austria.  Having read the Sun Route summary (pdf file), Jack says he’s worried about the later parts of the ride, "especially the Brenner Pass and through Italy, where it seems impossible in many long sections to avoid the horrible main roads" and he wisely points out that "the nice photos of Scandinavian cyclists on the route thin out considerably towards the end"!  Actually, the Section through the Dolomites is one of the best-plotted parts of the whole trip, thanks to this guide.  Beyond that, we’re looking forward to escaping the restrictions of a prescribed route and steering our own course, with the benefit of  the experience of 4000km riding under our belts.  The maps show huge scope for some improvisation.  More on that in a future post.

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